Sequences and Series Mcqs|Ch:06|Fsc Math First Year

Sequences and Series Mcqs|Ch:06|Fsc Math First Year consist of 50+ Multiple Choice Questions. Prepare these mcqs for Fsc, ECAT and examination. These mcqs are very helpful for preparing NTS and PPSC exams. The mcqs were uploaded on daily basis so keep visiting this website. ONCE the material is completely uploaded then Explanation of each mcqs and videos will be provided very soon.

Q.1 A function whose domain is the set of natural numbers is called the

(a) sequence

(b) series

(c) identity function

(d) onto function

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Q.2 If a_{n-3}  = 2n – 5, its nth term is

(a) 2n +1

(b) 2n +3

(c) 2n – 2

(d) 2n – 8

(Gujranwala Board, 2007)

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Q.3 A sequence in which any term-minus its immediate previous term. gives a constant is called the

(a) geometric sequence

(b) arithmetic sequence

(c) harmonic sequence

(d) complex sequence

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Q.4 The next two terms of the sequence 1, 3, 7, 15, 31, … are

(a) 112, 288

(b) 122, 144

(c) 102, 188

(d) none of above

(Multan Board, 2004)

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Q.5 The difference of two consecutive terms of an arithmetic sequence is called its

(a) arithmetic mean

(b) geometric mean

(c) common ratio

(d) common difference

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